Testosterone Injections – Uses, Side Effects, Warnings

Testosterone is basically a naturally occurring sex hormone that develops in a man’s testicles, it’s said and discovered that testosterone is found in women and their ovaries in small amounts. It can be found in the adrenal system as well.

Testosterone injections and their main purpose has to be to cure the boys off impotence, delayed puberty and hormonal imbalance that might take place inside their bodies if the sex hormone is lacking.

The testosterone injections aren’t limited to the use of males, testosterone injections help women who are suffering from breast cancer, it plays a huge part in their healing. It mostly works when the cancer has spread to the other parts of body.

Among all the types of testorene injections available, Testogen is the most popular and well-known.

Many have the injections mistaken for a enhancer for athletic performance and they’ve been using it for but that’s absurd and dangerous, and shouldn’t be used for that purpose at all.

The testosterone injections should be prohibited in the pregnancy period, if you’re about to conceive or already have. Say goodbye to the injections.

If some males have prostate cancer, severe heart conditions, male breast cancer or any type of kidney or diseases, these testosterone injections aren’t for them, they shouldn’t be receiving them at all.

The abusive use of these injections might lead to irreparable situations and effects that can’t be reversed; it should be used with extreme care and caution. You should be suggested this medicine by your doctor or a professional in healthcare that knows what he’s doing.

What should you tell the doctors before you start taking the Testogen injections?

– If you have diabetes?

– If you have enlarged prostate?

– If you have heart diseases?

– If you have artery disease?

– If you have any heart attack history, or blood clot and strokes?

– If you have triglycerides?

– If you have high blood pressure?

– If you have liver disease?

– If you have kidney disease?

– If you have male breast cancer?

– If you are bedridden?

– If you are debilitated?

– If you take blood thinning supplements?

This medicine might or might not effect a unborn baby is disastrous ways, including birth defects or fatal death. If you get pregnant somehow when you’re still going through the period of this treatment, tell your doctor right away and immediately start using birth control that’s effective and 100% safe.

It’s still isn’t confirmed yet but testosterone might or might not pass into breast milk so it’d be best to avoid any nursing/breastfeeding while you’re using the injections.

How does it work?

The Testogen injection is injected inside the muscle and it’s doses are given every 4 to 2 weeks, that’s 2 or 1 times in one month.

If this medicine is misused, it can leave you with either very large breasts or very small testicles. It raises the issue of high blood pressure, permanent infertility, liver diseases, heart attacks and bone growth problems along with strokes. It can also affect your personality in drastic ways by making you more aggressive and violent towards many things.

Your health care specialist will determine the period of time this injection is going to be issued to you; it solely depends on the conditions that are being treated. You might need to go through the hassle of frequent blood tests throughout this treatment process.

The one growth issues need to be thoroughly supervised so the doctors must take x-rays in every appointment to check the boy’s progress, the puberty delayed treatment can be crucial and a very hectic period for a person.

You will need to call your doctor for a appointment if you accidentally miss a dose. If you’re being supervised under a health professional who knows his way around these cases, an overdose is not likely to occur but if it does, call for the emergency ward for it could cause irreversible damage in no time at all. Testo Max Review

Activities, nourishment or intake, beverages or anything that you surround yourself with might need to be detailed and explained to the doctor so he can restrict what he thinks is harmful or dangerous. Mostly likely the food you eat, heavy fried things with so many calories might be banned.

Some people won’t be able to get cured by testosterone because well, they have a allergic reaction to it? The symptoms might be itching, hives, swelling of face and lips or throat. As soon as these signs appear, you’ll have to get checked lest something bad happens. Women receiving this medicine might have different symptoms like a change in the menstrual period. Or the male pattern hair growth, that’s because of overdriven hormones. An enlarged clitoris counts in this as well.

Testosterone injections have come out to be effective but there are so many things that can go wrong than right? Use this treatment only if it’s absolutely too necessary.

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