Get a big size penis with a simple method

Why get a big penis size in the first place? If you have this question in your mind then you certainly have not heard of the ‘size matters’ debate. Women have been questioned about sexual pleasure since ages and many of them attribute to the penis size as being a big factor in their sexual pleasure.

Many men do not give much attention to their size. Penis size varies with a man’s genes and certain other physical factors. Have you have ever felt your partner is not sexually satisfied? This feeling can hurt your ego and confidence badly. You may have spent many hours on thinking what the reason behind this dissatisfaction may be as you love her dearly. Well maybe it was your penis size.

The reality is penis size does matter. Now you must be thinking how your big size pleases your partner. Well firstly sex starts with visuals. When your partner views a big penis she will be immediately turned on by this visual. It is quite the same phenomena as men see big breasts and get excited women are excited by the opposite big penis size. A large penis is known to represent masculinity and you certainly want to score high on that card.

In addition a big penis size offers more penetration. Although the g-spot is not so far away from the vagina and the clitoris which is known to be the most sensitive part does not require penetration even then a big penis gives a women more sensation.

Another main benefit of having a big penis is that you will be able to try out more sexual positions. Now diversity in the sexual positions not only makes you happy but keeps your partner interested too. You can experiment to find the best position that suits your partner. Usually women find it to reach an orgasm easily in a certain position. You can help your partner figure out that position. You will be able to perform as she requires you too.

Now that you are convinced to get a big penis the next question is how will you be able to get it? The answer is very simple. Technology and much research has been utilized in this area and many procedures have been devised which help you increase your penis size in inches.

One very popular way of increasing your penis is through a device known as ‘extender’. There are many types of extenders available in the market but the Jes Extender happens to be the most popular one. This is because this device has been clinically proven with amazing results. The manufacturers of this device claim that the penis size is increased y 24% after using this device.

Extenders usually stretch the penis for a long period of time as the device is worn. Your shaft will be increased in size. The Jes Extender is very easy to use. You are required to position your penis inside the metals bars. Once you have positioned the penis it is placed through the silicone bars. The final steps involve you putting a traction force which is applied by twisting both sides.

You are required to wear this device for one hour in the initial days. You can then increase the time frame gradually. Once you are comfortable you may wear the device for up till 6 hours per day. The best part is you don’t have to worry about the extender showing. It can be worn discreetly and it works just fine in loose fitting pants. However it is recommended that you do not wear the device during vigorous physical activities and while sleeping as it may become unattached and you may hurt yourself. You should wear the extender while sitting in rest position.

The extender shows amazing results. However if you find a physical solution to be uncomfortable you may go for another simple solution. Eating certain supplements devised for penis enlargement may help you out in your quest for penis enlargement. These pills contain mostly natural ingredients extracted from plants to increase the cell formation in your penis. These pills not only increase your penis size but also make you feeling fresh and revitalized. Semen Enhancement

Millions of men have taken medicines as a solution and now carry on with their sexual lives happily. These pills are easy to access. They can be found at any local medical store and they don’t even cost much. You can take the supplement in your daily routine and feel a difference in no time.

A big penis size increases your confidence and improves your sexual life dramatically. Therefore instead of living with a small size upgrade this instant through any method you find desirable and see a tremendous surge in your sex life.

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