Diets That Really Work To Lose Weight Fast

Do you remember those times when celebrities used to claim for a certain company’s diet plan that it actually helped them lose weight? Well, as much as many wanted to believe their word, somehow they still knew it’s just another fad diet plan and it won’t really make any difference. However, this doesn’t mean that no diet works at all. While some companies are busy hiring celebs to promote their diet plans and are happy to see the shelves getting emptied within no time, there are many other companies that actually do think about their customers and want them to actually lose weight.

While diet plans are a great way to shed the extra body fat, adding dietary pills like PhenQ will make it more effective. These pills actually do work and can help boost the diet plan up a notch so you can lose weight faster.

Meanwhile, we will take a look at the diets that actually do work. And you can then take Phen24 supplementary to speed up the process.

  • Low Carb Diets

Diet with low carbs has proven to help people lose weight. It may have a number of variations; still the diet is effective and will do its trick for you. The diet involves you eating healthy foods, yet you need to take the carbs in low quantity. A high number of carbs is never good in any way. High number of carbs means high number of insulin. That is never good and pretty hard to balance. So make sure the amount of carbs you take is low.

  • Zone Diet

Somewhat similar to low carb diet but with a twist. This diet has a different take to low carb diet and in this you have to limit what you eat. The actual low carb diet allows its followers to take 10% of the calories from carbohydrates while in this diet, you can take 40% of the calories from it. The remaining 60% is of calories are split into half; 30% from fat and 30% from proteins. The amount might differ once an assessment has been done on the diet plan and how it works.

Zone diet will let you lose weight if you stay within the mentioned zones. You can lose up to two pounds a week if you follow the diet correctly.

  • South Beach Diet

If you are one of those people who want to lose about 8-12 pounds in a couple weeks, then you should probably check this diet. However, you need to remember, the heavier you are, the faster you will lose weight which means the number can vary and if you are heavy in weight, the number of weight you will lose will also be different.

Unlike other diet plans, there are many restrictions in the South Beach Diet. There is no count involved of how many calories you should take in a day. There are many steps involved in the diet however. To begin with, for the first two weeks you need to cut your intake of carbs to almost nothing. The process is very crucial for balancing out your body. Once that is done, you can slowly get into a diet that has carbs in it.

  • Atkin Diet

Perhaps the most popular diet plan in the market, the Atkin diet is a favorite of many celebrities as well. Many have also claimed to have lost weight with the help of this diet. In this diet, your entire carb intake is almost cut and you take in a lot of fat. This way, your body will be burning a lot of fat first. You may be surprised that you are taking a whole lot of fat, then how come that’s the first thing to burn. But that’s the beauty of this diet. Taking a lot of fat will only leave your body with less number of fats.

  • Flat Belly Diet

The flat belly diet allows you to lose weight fast. You can lose up to 15 pounds in the first month. Moreover, it will keep away from weight. There may be plenty of discomfort involved around the belly area which is because of bloating. This plan will try to get rid of that discomfort. All you have to do in the beginning is take 1200 calories a day and drink water. Once the bloating stops, you will then get to follow the actual diet which involves monounsaturated fats in high quantity.

So these are the fad diets that can actually help you lose weight. You can get more info on these over the internet before you begin any one of these.

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