Before and after effects of breast enlargement

Women are eager to increase their breast size. The modern societal pressure urges them to have an increased cup size. If it’s not naturally possible women are ready to go for any other option to gain an increase in their cup size.

There are many methods of breast augmentation. Let us discuss as to what are the ‘before’ effects of breast enlargement. Before you go for a breast enlargement you will be experiencing the following factors

Stress and depression

The woman of today just can’t resist the idea of having big breasts. However the basic feeling of your incapability may cause you to suffer from depression. When you feel you can’t do anything about your body and you might have to continue your life with low self-esteem you may unknowingly plunge in deep depression.

Lack of self confidence

Many women report to have a low self-esteem before they go for breast augmentation. They feel that they physical incapability makes them less prone to be confident enough to face the world. Men smirk and can give very hurtful remarks about a woman’s small breasts causing to lose her self-confidence and the ability to stand up against the world.

Poor social life

Women who are in depression about their breast size tend to socialize less. They will not be able to make themselves comfortable in an environment where a woman is judged by her looks. They will refrain from going in to the club or mingling with the opposite sex. Total Curve Review

Poor diet

Many women who have a small bust are reported to also have a poor diet. Once a woman knows the importance of a good diet for breast thriving she will take care of her food. But before that you will see women skipping meals and missing out on all the essential nutrients required by a woman.

When a woman decided to take a stand to go for breast augmentation it is actually a big decision which takes a lot of courage. The effects after a breast augmentation are absolutely phenomenal.

Women who go for breast implants experience the following

Improved self confidence

After a breast implant a woman feels more competent and ready to face the world. she no longer is depressed or demotivated because of her incompetency. Instead she knows deep down inside that she is looking absolutely beautiful and there is nothing wrong with her.

Mingles better with the opposite sex

E cannot deny the fact that men are just attracted to breasts since medieval times.  When a woman get a a breast implant she is quite sure that she will be able to catch the eye of all the good fish in the sea. Therefore a woman behaves more confidently and is able to mingle with the opposite sex with much more vigour and actually on equal grounds.

Finds a permanent solution

After a breast augmentation a woman can get rid of her padded bras and other such material. The experience she gains is permanent and is there to stay till the end of times. She knows she does not have to go through the shams of other products and services.

There are many ways to get a breast enlargement solution. One of the best methods happens to be the Brestrogen cream. This is breast enhancement cream which can be used by women of all ages. The cream is easy to apply. You just simple have to massage it in circular motion twice a day. The cream is absorbed by the skin instantly which means there are no chances of any spills on your clothes.

Brestrogen is an all-natural formula. It does not contain any kind of harmful additive or hormone. In fact its basic ingredient is extracted and imported from a plant in Thai land. This cream has been developed by the top scientists in the world. It has gone through sufficient research and testing procedures.

If you do not wish to go for a cream solution then you better try to improve your breast size naturally before any other option. You can try improving your diet by including lean protein. Eggs, fish and meat are high sources of protein. You may also want to eat enough bananas. They are known to have essential nutrients which work like magic for breast growth.

In addition to a good diet you may also want to try a natural massage of red lentils. Red lentils are to be soaked before using. Make a thick paste and massage at least two times in a week.

No matter what method you choose for breast augmentation you will feel your life has changed for the better once you see the results. You will be immensely happy and will feel beautiful inside out.

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