4 Ways to Lose Weight with Water

Weight loss is painful yet rewarding journey. You hear a lot of tips these days on how to lose weight. Most of them mainly relate to food and some strenuous exercise. However most of the dieters do not know that they can lose weight with a simple ingredient. This vital element is known as water.

Water plays a vital role in weight loss. It has great qualities.

  • It helps boost the metabolism of person.
  • It helps you suppress your appetite
  • Helps you get rid of water weight

Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water daily may not be every body’s cup of tea but once you get the hang of it you will be able to use water as an aid to your weight loss.  Phen24 is a catalyst in your weight loss goals. Remember o consume Phen24 along with your water. Below are 4 simple ways in which you can lose weight with water

Increase your water consumption

You should keep you water consumption high throughout the day. Through this tactic you will be able to avoid high calorie beverages such as juice, soda and so on. Since water makes you feel fuller you will tend to snack less as you already have the sensation of being full.

The whole game with weight loss is keep to your calorie count low and water assists you in that task.  If you find plain water to be not so friendly to your taste buds you can opt for flavoured water instead. There are calorie-free flavour packets available in the market. You can add them to your water to get a better taste.

If your forget to consume water in your busy schedule you can always set an alarm to remind you to drink water. This will help you gain the habit of drinking extra water throughout the day. Having water access makes it easier to drink water. So keep a bottle nearby you always. It is very handy when you are at home, office or running the errands.

It is better to drink water after every two hours. When you drink water when thirsty your body only replenishes and gets rid of excess water. The rule of the thumb is to calculate how much water you require through the colour of your urine. If you have a light coloured urine you should consume more water.

Remember to drink a glass of water before every meal

The basic principle behind this recommendation is that you have to trick your stomach in to feeling full. Through this method you will eat less and consequently gain fewer calories. You should no only drink water before a meal but also drink it between and after a meal.

The more waver you drink the more it will help in digestion. The water you consume will help your body to break down the food and absorb its nutrients.

Replace High Calorie beverages with water

Water is a zero calorie drink. What could be more suitable than water in your weight loss. You should make sure you cut down on all sweetened drinks and opt for plain water instead. By doing this you will spare hundreds of calories you consume otherwise.

You can go for green iced tea though. This is known to be rich in antioxidants and flavanoids. These help you boost your metabolism. You should however refrain from adding any sweeteners to your iced tea.

If you really can’t do without soda then you may opt for sparkling water. If you are following a low sodium diet then sparkling diet will work for you. However do make a note that sparkling water may increase the condition of Irritable Bowel syndrome.

Eat Your water

Believe it or not you can eat your water. You should consume fruits which have high water content. Watermelon constitutes of 92 percent water and only 6 percent sugar.  Other such fruits which have high water content include strawberries, grapefruit and oranges. http://phen24-review.com

Apart from fruits water can also be consumed in soup form. Hot and cold both soups boost your water consumption. If you are not much of a soup person you may resort to pureeing vegetables. You can consume the blended mixture as a soup. The vegetables may be raw or cooked. Just remember to blend well and fill up on your water.

Well these were four ways through which water can help you in your weight loss goals. Do not underestimate the power of water. You may take Phen24 in the weight loss journey. if you are looking for a quick and easy way to lose weight you do not have to go further than your kitchen. Water is available widely and cheap. So make use of it in the proper way and you will see those pounds go away in no time.

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